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sectional sofas


There are three sectional shapes: The U-shape, the L-shape and the Semi-circular shape. So the first step is deciding which configuration is right for your lifestyle. The best way to figure this out is to draw a floor plan. Draw your room to scale, then cut out some squares at the correct scale and experiment with different combinations. Maybe one side of the sectional needs to be longer because you have the wall space and want the extra seating.

Consider the traffic pattern of your room. A chaise sounds great, but if it’s on the wrong side, it may be more of an annoyance if you have to always walk around it. A good rule of thumb is to place the chaise on the side with the least amount of traffic.

Make sure the pieces of the sectional sofa fit in the pathway of delivery, and that they will fit in doorways, down a set of stairs (especially if there’s a landing with a 90-degree turn) and hallways. 



sectional sofa