Information About Furniture


Before you go shopping for a sofa, think about your own personal style and what would be a good match for your home. Buying a new sofa has less to do with color matching and more to do with another aspect of sofa buying, namely, the quality of a sofa.

The sofa frame should not wobble or creak, it should be sturdy and sit squarely on the floor. A strong frame means your sofa will last longer.

The arms should not jiggle or move, and if upholstered, they should be well padded. Seats should be comfortable, and for reclining furniture, be comfortable in all different positions. Select deep or shallow seats depending on your height. A taller person will prefer deeper seats.

When you find the sofa you like, take it for a test drive, spend some time to experience the sofa’s comfort level. Lounge, recline, lie down, and see if it feels like a good fit for you.